NESAC is located at Umiam (Barapani) about 20 km from Shillong, Meghalaya State. Constructions of the residential complex including guest house cum training hostel are in final stage, which is about 1km from the office complex. The centre is well equipped with state of the art facilities in the areas of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS), Disaster Management, Satellite communication and Space & Atmospheric Science Research.

NESAC Outreach Programme

NESAC is undertaking wide range of capacity building activities through multiple collaborations with IITs, NITs, Central and State Universities of the regions, R&D institutions and a large number of user departments. NESAC has been conducting 2 weeks courses for last three years in Basics of Remote Sensing and GIS as well as advanced course in UAV remote sensing. Many tailor-made courses specific to the user departments such as AMRUT, forest dept, Agriculture Dept. etc has also been conducted Response for these programs were quite encouraging. So far around 522 numbers of participants were trained in various aspects of RS and GIS.


About the Course

This course is an immersion 5 day experience on open drone mapping for deep understanding on various tools and technologies for processing of UAV derived datasets. We will provide a walk-through journey from flight planning and capturing data out in the field using UAVs, to complex image processing and data analyses using available open source software and tools. The main focus of this course is on processing the collected imagery using structure from motion technique and deriving orthophoto mosaics and ultra-high resolution digital elevation models of land surface, vegetation and structures.

Tentative Curriculum

1. Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems
2. Flight Planning and data acquisition
3. Generation of Point Clouds:
From Images to 3D Models – Concepts and Image Processing
4. Open Source UAV Data Processing Pipeline & Tools
5. UAV Data Processing : Analysis of data processing results
6. Information Extraction from Point clouds :
Filtering,Segmenting and Classification etc.
7. Generation of UAV Data Products : Ortho-mosaics | Digital Elevation Models | Digital Surface Models
8. UAV Data Visualization : 2D/3D Textured models.

01 Lectures

(45min to 1h each) Students will take part in a series of lectures introducing basics functioning of tools, theoretical aspects and background information, which is needed for a better understanding the profound concepts to be successively applied in advanced UAV data processing.

02 Target Participants

The course is aimed at students/professionals with computer background having basic knowledge of geographical data analyses and the use of Geographic Information Systems. We also recommend students to bring their own laptops with a minimum of 8GB RAM and 300 GB free disk space

03 Hands-on Tutorials

Students will be guided during hands on session and will perform data analyses on real case study datasets (including data gathered in the field with drone) and students will follow the same procedure using their laptops.
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04 Course fee

The course fee is 6,000/- which includes registration kit, Umiam, Meghalaya official lunch during the course & 793103 course materials. The amount should be payed only via Online Payment. The details will be notified soon. Note : The course fee to be submitted only by shortlisted candidates which will be made available at www.nesac.gov.in by Oct 09, 2019 Oct 14, 2019.

05 Accommodation

Accommodation will be arranged within NESAC and at closed vicinity to NESAC. The participants will pay nominal charges towards boarding and lodging.

06 How to apply

Please fill the attached application form and send to us latest by 04th Oct, 2019, to book a seat for you as number of seats are limited. You may also register online via our site at http://nesac.gov.in.
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